Christmas at Sanctuary of Hope

In Kenya, Christmas is all about family. Many Kenyans travel great distances as they return to their home towns. Food and music abound as people rejoice in re-connecting with loved ones.

For children who once lacked a family, perhaps there can be no happier day in the year.   

The twenty-four former orphans of Sanctuary of Hope (SoH) and their caregivers attend church in the morning and then return home to enjoy a variety of special foods. When the kids were younger, they enjoyed bounce castles and cotton candy. Once, a clown even visited to play games with them.

Now many of the kids are in their teens. Below, in their own words, some of the SoH children describe what Christmas means to them.

Grace: Christmas is remembering when Jesus was born.

Grace, right, with SoH sister Esther K

Simon: Christmas means the birth of Jesus Christ and during this season I enjoy eating the food and watching movies.


Mark: Christmas means the birth of Jesus in our lives. I like to play and eat all kinds of food.

Mark, right, with Henry (Diana & Ronnie’s son)

Maureen: I just like hanging out with the SoH family, eating together and talking with each other. 

Maureen, center, helping caregivers prepare meals

Eva: Christmas means Happiness. I love it when we cut cake to celebrate Jesus’ birthday!

Eva, right, with SoH sister Stacy Sr.

Sammy: Christmas is when the son of man came to the world to bring light to the world. I love singing Christmas songs.

Sammy with his Dad, Pastor Karau


There are few greater joys this Christmas season for us at Pamba Toto than doing whatever we can to support these amazing kids of the Sanctuary of Hope family.

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