From Their Hands to Yours – a Pamba Toto photo essay

From Their Hands to Yours… A Pamba Toto photo essay Our Mission Transforming lives from Nairobi’s slums… We purchase hand-made crafts from artisans living in Nairobi’s poorest communities providing a viable outlet for the sale of their products. We donate profits to ​Hope’s Promise Orphan Ministries for Sanctuary of Hope family-style homes for orphans from the slums.  Join the Pamba Toto story: visit … More From Their Hands to Yours – a Pamba Toto photo essay

From Their Hands to Yours… Part 1: Tuungane Pamoja

My friend Debbie and I, Pamba Toto founders, are passionate about buying hand-crafted products directly from our friends:  artisans living and working in the slums of Nairobi. It never ceases to amaze us how these beautiful people create such stunning handiwork in cramped, poorly-lit, under-equipped workshops. From their hands to yours, every Pamba Toto item … More From Their Hands to Yours… Part 1: Tuungane Pamoja

A Twinkle in Her Eyes

Korogocho is the kind of place where you want to close your eyes and run the other way if you can. It’s a place where the outward desperation of 150,000-200,000 people living in about one square mile is only the tip of complex social evils spiraling relentlessly from one generation to the next. Korogocho is the kind … More A Twinkle in Her Eyes

Mercy in Kenya

Earlier this year, international news reported the collapse of buildings in an obscure Nairobi slum called Huruma. Ironically, “Huruma” means “mercy” in Swahili. At least seven people died and 121 people were injured, buried in shoddily constructed dwellings that rose much higher than should ever have been allowed. There was no mercy for these impoverished … More Mercy in Kenya

Let Us Join Together

The slums of Kenya flagrantly shock the senses. Rusty corrugated metal shacks line narrow, muddy walkways of open sewage. Children play barefoot in trash-clogged rivers where dead pigs float. The putrid stench of burning trash and diesel fumes permeate acres of land devoid of anything green. Approximately 2.5 million people call the slums home in … More Let Us Join Together