From Their Hands to Yours… Part 3: Toto for Toto

One particular moment from being in Kenya last May especially shimmers in my memories. On our last day with the Sanctuary of Hope family, after falling in love with them over the previous week, our Hope’s Promise team of twenty-seven members meets the children and caregivers at a retreat center near Nairobi. All over the … More From Their Hands to Yours… Part 3: Toto for Toto

Behind the scenes – Pamba Toto photoshoots

We have stories to tell, and photos powerfully weave layers of color and texture in a single view. My long-time friend and Pamba Toto business partner, Debbie, and I are newly impassioned to impart insight into our products and the artisans who make them. After visiting Kenya together last June, we are fully cognizant that there is … More Behind the scenes – Pamba Toto photoshoots

Each and Every One

My aesthetic-loving mind exploded the first time I stumbled upon the “small and beautiful” magic of “Kazuri” (Swahili for “small and beautiful”) beads in 2009. Invited by my friend Debbie Lee, my mom and I toured the workshop with her. Stunning women dressed in exotic batik fabrics leaned over a vast array of clay shapes … More Each and Every One

Small & Beautiful

  Hour after hour, we sort myriad and brilliant colors and shapes, enthralled. Each bead formed and glazed by the touch of a hand. Each one, a world unto itself. A bell rings and a voice calls for tea. Stunned, we look up at each other. Tea-time in Kenya is served in late afternoon. “What … More Small & Beautiful