Adorn a Child (x3)

No doubt about it, Pamba Toto loves kids. In fact, the whole reason we exist is because kids mean the world to us. Our name, “Pamba Toto” encapsulates our mission in Swahili: “adorn a child.” Our hearts break for kids who lack the basics of food and shelter, and most of all, love. We started ten … More Adorn a Child (x3)

Each and Every One

My aesthetic-loving mind exploded the first time I stumbled upon the “small and beautiful” magic of “Kazuri” (Swahili for “small and beautiful”) beads in 2009. Invited by my friend Debbie Lee, my mom and I toured the workshop with her. Stunning women dressed in exotic batik fabrics leaned over a vast array of clay shapes … More Each and Every One