Sanctuary of Hope

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Deep in the desperation of Mathare Valley, Kenya, a woman sick with HIV gave birth to twins in 2004. She begged Mama Karau to take care of the babies when she died.

“What can I do?” Mama Karau lamented. “If only I could care for them and other orphans from the slums.”

After serving in Mathare Valley for twenty-five years, Mama and Pastor Karau witnessed the suffering of countless vulnerable children.

God heard the cry of Mama’s heart

In 2006, the Karaus opened Sanctuary of Hope (SoH) through Hope’s Promise of Castle Rock, CO. They welcomed home ten orphans from Mathare Valley.

He also saw the desperate longing for a permanent family in the hearts of Michael and Laban. When SoH #2 opened in 2008, they were the first to come home.

Today, Pastor and Mama care for twenty-four former orphans in the Sanctuary of Hope family.

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